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'Buildings are made of people'

The line holds an important insight that buildings are the sum of a diverse range of skills, carried out by a diverse mix of people. Bradbrook are experts in finding you the perfect mix for your project.

Buildings are made of people

The success of any building project is, in our experience, down to one factor: the quality of the people you hire to deliver the project. Work with the right people and your vision comes to life easily, complete strangers work together seamlessly, logistical barriers are knocked over effortlessly and budgets and timelines are met comfortably.

Bradbrook is a team of project and cost manager who understand the importance of people in building projects. Led by Noel Reid, our team work with you from the very beginning to the very end. Who you see is who you get, and who you see are some of the most accomplished PM & QS leads in the business.


People who know how to land your visions

Clients have big plans but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have clear visions.

At the start of any project we spend a great deal of time getting to know you and discussing your ideas. We’ll help bring these ideas to life and assess their feasibility both in terms of the cost and quality of the build and the likely user experience on completion.

Every minute spent gaining clarity of purpose is a day saved in implementation.


People who take surprise in their stride

Plan as much as you like, every build project will throw up challenges that would have otherwise been impossible to predict.

From the unearthing of protected monuments (our last hotel project had four of these) to the unleashing of neighbourhood resistance, your ability to weather these unexpected storms is again down to the people-skills of your Project Manager. We’ve persuaded councils to consent and pressure groups to pull back, all because we are prepared to work with these people rather than against them.

It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a cup of tea and a chat!


People who are obsessed with the bottom line

Your building may be a work of art, a personal legacy, or a feat of architecture, but above all, it’s a business. When we cost manage a building project it is paramount that the investors achieve the returns projected in the business plan.

When it comes to hotels, for example, we see it as our job to motivate the design team to find ways to squeeze more keys into a scheme whilst ensuring the guest experience more than meets the brand’s standards.


People who can orchestrate a team

The complexity of modern buildings demands a wide assortment of designers, suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors to deliver the myriad of services and specialist materials integral to the build.

It’s our job not just to put together this mammoth team but to make sure they work together, harmoniously. From the flamboyant creativity of interior designers to the black art of the MEP, by putting people first, we know how to get the best out of everyone.


People who put you in complete control

Every penny spent is your money therefore every decision has to be within your control, that’s the way we see it. You're spending the money so you have the control

We will always ensure you are provided with access to as much or as little information as you want and we make ourselves available 24/7 to take your call.

In a creative industry where it’s all too easy for the agendas of others to steer the direction of a project, we’ll make sure, in no uncertain terms, that you retain leadership throughout.


People who take responsibility for it all

In construction projects, it’s easy to find ways of passing the buck. With our team, the buck stops here.

The project manager’s role is to, well, manage the project.

So, if there’s a management issue it’s our belief that it’s up to us sort it out. no finger pointing, just plenty of finger lifting until the issue is resolved.


People who have a cities worth of experience

Between us we’ve worked on over 100 successful builds. From every type of hotel to schools, hospitals, residential, offices, mines and stadiums, there are few building formats we’ve not experienced.

And what does experience bring? Simple: an error-free project.

As a past client once explained “I don’t mind you making a mistake as long as it’s an original one”. With so many projects under our belts we think it’s safe to say that very few mistakes are any longer original.


People who are rated by their clients

At the end of the day the greatest measure of a good PM or QS, is what you think of us. Here are the thoughts of a couple of developers who chose Bradbrook.


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